Based on the customer's different business model design, we can provide custom-made services, intelligent support campaigns, the dynamic display of products, product recycling and other functions.


With more than ten years experience in Self-service kiosks design and manufacturing. With efficient skilled employees to work in this field for more than five years.


About Us

Shenzhen Jinyiwei Co., LTD. is a self-service terminal equipment / solutions provider, walking in the forefront of self-service terminal reform. We make design and develop self-service terminal solution with premium quality that are widely used in every field or industry.

With a strong R&D team, we focus on the research and development and production of the kiosks. We can customize according to the needs of customers personalized. When develop a software to support the terminal product, we would fully consider the ergonomic user experience as well as equipment operating practicing, to facilitate remote management and operations of the equipment.

For serving customers in self-service terminal industry, we have many years of successful experience. From the beginning of program design, to production, delivery, till equipment operation, we follow up all stages. So far, Jinyiwei has provided products applied to banks, theaters, bus station, hospitals, community, and other industries and fields. After years of development, its market has been basically covered the major large and medium-sized cities in China.

With our rich experience and accumulation of ability, we would go all out to help you achieve business success  with the optimal cost-effective products and perfect services.